Sunday, March 21, 2010

Working the Kiln for some New Earrings

I'm working to build up some inventory for an art festival in May - "Art and Soul of Tulsa" in the Brady Arts district by the Local Art Matters people (more details on that later).

On these earrings, I measure and carve the glass in equal sizes for each pair, then place a pure silver wire in between the two layers of glass. After it is fused then the ear wires attach to that loop. In this method there is no need for special glass epoxy. This is also a special glass that does not burn off the dichroic layer with the heat of the silver wire.


  1. Beautiful! Also interesting - I had no idea how these were made. :)

  2. Oh wow, these are stunning! If only I had a little spare cash.....hmmmmmm...... :) Beautiful work. Your use of color is amazing.

  3. Thank you Lisa and Amanda! Thanks for stopping by.



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