Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mimosa Tree (not the champagne drink...)

I've been wanting a Mimosa tree for years. You cannot find them at the landscape places -- my guess is that they are 'wild' in Oklahoma. A volunteer seedling came up in a crowded flower bed, so I decided to give it a premier spot and transplant. I've set up the patio umbrella to give it some shade from the still hot summer sun.

Here is the seedling I just planted:

I'll post updates if it is a successful transplant!


  1. I love mimosa trees! They aren't available in stores here either, but luckily, like you, I find volunteers. Your little transplant should be a beautiful part of your landscape very soon with such loving care. :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! We had a heat wave after I planted it, so we'll see...

  3. I love the smell of this tree. Did you know the leaves and flowers of the Mimosa are edible? The leaves contain potassium. The seeds are poisonous though. It grows in almost any soil type and is also nitrogen fixing.

  4. They are a very invasive tree from China. You will be pulling seedlings up from every where once that one starts blooming and setting seed.

    Good luck.



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