Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buffalo Sightings - Tall Grass Prairie

OK, you can tell I love all things Prairie because of the name, and this was an exciting outing. Tall Grass Prairie -- where buffalo are roaming much as they did hundreds of years ago. I took these photos on a very hot sunny day with my Nikon D60. The sun was not at a good angle but hey, you don't want to be running up to a 2,ooo lb buffalo to get to his other side!
From the website: The bison, or buffalo, once totaling around 30 million in number, were kings of the prairie. These magnificent animals can be up to six feet high at the shoulders and weigh a ton or more - so huge that early settlers thought it was the bison that had cleared the trees from the prairie. They roamed the range in herds of dozens to millions, never overgrazing, always moving, granting the land time to recover. Like fire, they were a mainstay within a delicately balanced ecosystem...
More information about Tall Grass Prairie Preserve CLICK HERE.

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