Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funny Thanksgiving Story

This is from a fellow jewelry artist on Etsy, she posted this hilarious story on the forum and I asked her if I could share it on my blog:

From adorned7:

I have fond memories of Thanksgiving as a child. I came from a large warm-hearted and very loud Polish family who were all great cooks. Usually on Thanksgiving the men would sit in the living room, have a beer or two while the women were all in the kitchen cooking. On one particular Thanksgiving( I was about 10 years old) my Aunt Margie, who lived down the street and who was the loudest one in our family, invited all the women over for a hot toddy. My mom, grandma and I walked down the street to her house. My first revelation that the drink may have been a bit strong was when she set the pot holders on fire. Second clue was seeing my mother, grandma and aunt Marge skip down the road, arms linked and singing all the way back to our house. I though it was great! My third clue was seeing my Auntie mashing potatoes and when a clump would fly out and land on the table next to me she would just scoop it up with her hand and throw it back in the! The night ended with my dear grandmother laying her head down next to her empty plate and falling asleep. That was the last time Aunt Marge served hot toddy's on Thanksgiving.


Thank you adorned7 for sharing your funny story! Laughed so hard I cried. Laughter is good medicine.

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